Welcome to the website of Blackheath Cricket Club, based at our beautiful ground and pavilion in the Surrey Hills near Guildford, Surrey. We aim to offer village cricket at its very best, including...

  • League cricket on Saturdays in the I’Anson League, the oldest village cricket league in the world
  • Friendly cricket on Sundays, when we play a wide variety of opposition and can accommodate cricketers of almost any standard
  • A large and thriving junior section of over 300 juniors aged between 5 and 15, including a separate girls’ section

If you would like to know more about our club, where it is, how to join, or what's going on this season then please feel free to browse the pages of this site.

What's coming up

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Small Group Coaching for all Squads Starts Next Week
From next week the club will be offering small group training sessions with professional coaches to all squads at either 4.45pm-6.00pm or 6.30pm-8.00pm each week: see the list below. For the present all these sessions are at Blackheath, though in due course it is likely that some sessions will be moved to Grafham.

Under the new system, all squad members will be asked for their availability for specific coaching sessions, in the same way that they have previously been asked for their availability for matches. They will then receive specific confirmation by email that they are selected to come to that coaching session and will be asked to confirm that they are coming. There will in general be a limit of 24 (including coaches) for each training session. If more members wish to come to a given session than capacity permits, some will have to miss out, though they will have priority for the next session.

All sessions will be run in accordance with new rules that the club has drawn up in accordance with ECB guidelines to ensure that social distancing and sanitising requirements are complied with. Please read these carefully before coming to the sessions. Volunteer assistance will also be required to run the sessions, including in particular supervising the arrival and leaving process and ensuring that the rules are complied with. Squad managers/administrators will be contacting everyone about this.

  • Monday 4.45-6pm: U9 boys
  • Monday 6.30-8pm: U12 boys
  • Tuesday 4.45-6pm: U8 boys
  • Tuesday 6.30-8pm: U11 boys
  • Wednesday 4.45pm-6pm: U6 boys and U7 boys
  • Wednesday 6.30-8pm: Men
  • Thursday 4.45-6pm: U6-U9 and U10/U11 girls
  • Thursday 6.30-8pm: Women and U12-U14 girls
  • Friday 4.45-6pm: U10 boys
  • Friday 6.30-8pm: U13 boys and U14/U15 boys
Nets Available for Limited Use
Following detailed discussions and careful planning over the past few days, the club committee has now approved proposals for making the nets at Blackheath available for use for club members from tomorrow, Thursday 21 May.

However, there are strict conditions of use: initially only 2 nets are available; nets can only be used if they have been booked in advance; the nets must be used only in accordance with ECB Guidelines and the specific rules agreed by the committee; and a club supervisor must be present at all times. Please refer to this detailed summary.

The committee has approved specific new rules for the use of the nets that must be adhered to. You can then make a booking via our new online booking system. You can also book a 1:1 coaching session in the nets through Ronny or Danny Harrison (ronny@matchfitacademy.com ; 07341 813723; danny@matchfitacademy.com; 07760 665222).

Coronavirus Update
There has been a lot of discussion about the prospects of cricket (and indeed other sport) taking place at some point this summer, but the position is not really any clearer.

At the moment, all recreational cricket remains suspended, and it seems likely that this will continue until, at the earliest, some point in June. It may be that some forms of training activities (e.g. net practice) will be possible before then under appropriate protocols, but obviously the club has to stick to the applicable official guidance in force at any time. We remain determined to offer whatever cricket we can this summer. As soon as it is clearer what cricket will be taking place, we will let everyone know and at the same time make an announcement about subscriptions for 2020. As everyone will appreciate, there are many factors to take into consideration as regards that issue and at the moment it is simply too soon to take any decisions.

In the meantime, the work at Grafham continues, although it is taking longer to complete due to social distancing requirements and the temporary closure of some building suppliers. Although the majority of the cost is of course grant funded, the project is nevertheless a substantial financial commitment for the club, which has been increased by the slower pace of work, and this has to be factored into our thinking. However, with most of the work now completed, it is clearly going to be a superb facility. We remain optimistic that it will be possible to make use of it this summer.

Finally, we are continuing to develop ideas for BlackheathCC Online. Aside from various training videos which Ronny and Danny have been posting on the club Facebook and Instagram pages (now also our Twitter page), we are now undertaking a complete revamp of the website. This is quite a major project, but hopefully you will see the results within a few weeks.

Club Newsletter   Junior Information Booklet


Click here to view or download this year’s newsletter. Click here to view or download this year’s Junior Information Booklet, with information about squads, league competitions and summer and winter coaching.
Junior members’ priority registration period now ended
The junior members’ priority registration period for the 2020 season has now ended and we have started the process of making offers to those on our waiting lists. If your child was a member in 2019 but you have not yet re-registered for the new season, please do not now attempt to do so before confirming that there is still space in the relevant squad (please check with your squad manager).

If you would like to sign up a child for the 2020 season who was not a member in 2019, the first stage is to add them to the relevant waiting list. How you do this depends on whether you have another child who is already a member: see instructions below. Once they are on the waiting list, you will receive an automatic acknowledgment. We will then contact you and let you know as soon as we are able to offer a place.

To add the sibling of an existing member to our waiting list: Log on via the “Members” button to get to your personal Dashboard. Under “You & Your Family” click on “Add Junior” and follow the prompts.

To add your child to our waiting list if your family is new to Blackheath: Click on “Members” then “New Family?” and follow the instructions.

£79,000 grant and new lease mean Grafham project can proceed in January

We’re delighted to announce a further grant of just over £79,000 from the London Marathon Charitable Trust towards the redevelopment of our new second ground at Grafham. With the £43,000 grant from Sport England previously announced and the money raised by the club itself, our plans to extend and completely refurbish the pavilion and make various other improvements are now fully funded. Our new lease of the ground from Waverley BC has also now been confirmed and all the necessary consents are in place, so work is set to commence in January.

For more details on the project and our plans for the use of Grafham next season, click here.

New winter coaching programme starts in January

Winter coaching for both seniors and juniors starts in January. For the first time we are also offering a winter coaching programme for our older girls’ squads.

In 2020, winter training for seniors and U15/U14s will be at the Charterhouse Club in Godalming (GU7 2RS) on Sunday mornings 10am-11am, starting on 12th January. The cost will be £50 for all 13 sessions, or £5 per session.

Training for the U13-U8 boys’ squads and U14-U10 girls’ squads will be on Friday evenings this year, starting on Friday 10th January. The U9/U8 boys’ squads will train at Longacre School from 4.30-5.30pm, the U13-U10 boys’ squads will train at Charterhouse Club from 6.15pm-7.45pm, and the U14-U10 girls squads will train at St Catherine’s School from 6.15pm-7.45pm. For further details and costs, click here.

Club Kit

If you are looking for new kit, the club has a full range of kit (including match shirts, trousers, training tops, shorts etc) available from Pendle Cricket. Orders should be placed through our online shop

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching can be had through www.matchfitacademy.com, which is a coaching partnership associated with the club. The cost is £20 per hour (whether 1:1 or 1:2), plus the cost of hiring an indoor facility. Sessions can be booked at any mutually convenient time that a facility is available. To book, please contact them at ronny@matchfitacademy.com or danny@matchfitacademy.com.