Rules for Use of Nets
  • Nets can only be used by paid up members via the online booking system for a pre-arranged 1:1 coaching session with Ronny or Danny Harrison: see for further details. It is strictly a prior booking only system.
  • Do not come to the nets if you, or a member of your household, has symptoms of coronavirus however mild. Please wash your hands thoroughly before and after visiting the club.
  • If arriving by car, you must park in the car park and wait there until you are instructed to proceed by club supervisor. If on foot, please wait in the cordoned off area in the car park until instructed to proceed by the club supervisor. You must register with the club supervisor before you play.
  • Please proceed to the sanitation table as directed at the start of every session. You must sanitise your hands there before and after every session. Avoid touching your face. Collect your stumps and go straight to your allocated net.
  • Your session is for a maximum of 50 minutes. All sessions must finish promptly at 10 minutes to the hour, even if they do not start on time.
  • There is a maximum of 2 persons per net unless you are from the same household. If at least one parent or other responsible adult must be present.
  • You must maintain social distancing of 2m at all times unless you are from the same household.
  • If an U18 is doing a 1:1 coaching session, or if children under 16 are using the nets, a parent must remain in eyesight and earshot at all times. There will be a designated waiting area for this. You may wish to bring a rug or your own chair.
  • Bring all your own equipment (for general use sessions, only stumps will be provided). Do not share equipment unless you are from the same household. Any protective equipment e.g. thigh pads which normally require undressing to fit will have to be worn externally.
  • Use your bat to hit the ball back to the bowler do not pick it up and throw it back.
  • No saliva or sweat should come into contact with the ball at any time.
  • For family groups, adults are responsible for ensuring that their children adhere to these rules.
  • Please follow instructions given by the club supervisor.
  • The club supervisor is a First Aider will have access to a First Aid kit, which must be sanitised before and after use.
  • The pavilion is closed, and toilets are NOT available.
  • When you have finished your session, please return your stumps to the supervisor, sanitise your hands and then leave promptly as the next booking will not be able to leave their car until you have gone.
  • Inform the club immediately if you or any member of your household develops symptoms of coronavirus within 7 days of having used the nets.

Remember to follow all government health guidelines and sanitise your hands before and after