Blackheath Cricket Club News - 2018

Newsletterr   Junior Section Information
With winter training for both seniors and juniors starting this Sunday (14th January), the cricket season seems not so far off now, and here is a Club Newsletter attached with some reflections on last year and news about a few changes in the coming summer.

Click here to download the club’s 2018 Junior Section Information and Winter Coaching booklet

Surrey Introduction to Scoring Course 2018
Building on the launch of Play-Cricket Scorer, ECB has continued to listen to scorers and, throughout the winter, has developed a FREE scoring solution for Windows and Apple Mac.  Play-Cricket Scorer Pro provides an alternative scoring option that meets the needs of the dedicated scorer in the recreational and professional game. ECB and ECB ACO are touring the country showcasing the functionality of Play-Cricket Scorer and Scorer Pro to all in attendance. These events are free to attend and open to all and on Tuesday, March 13th Blackheath will be hosting one of these events. If you are interested, please click on this link to register:

The event will begin with an overview of Play-Crickets tools, setting the scene, highlighting the importance of scoring to the game and both the features and benefits of Play-Cricket’s products for scorers, administrators and players.You will then receive a demonstration by a representative of the new Play-Cricket Scorer Pro software and Play-Cricket Scorer app followed by a Q&A giving you the opportunity to raise any questions. Finishing off the evening you will have an opportunity to meet product experts from the recreational and professional game who have been developing and extensively testing Play-Cricket Scorer Pro during the winter months. Throughout the event, the technical product development team will also be on hand and available to discuss any necessary queries.