Junior Registration

As in previous years, there are waiting lists for most age groups, so registration will take place in 2 stages. First, there is an existing members’ priority window, which ends on Sunday 6 January 2019. Thereafter, those on waiting lists for the U7 age group and older will be contacted and offered places as and when it is clear that there are places available. To be added to a waiting list, please contact our junior membership secretary, Sue Brocksom (suehodgson1@btinternet.com). New members joining the Minis can register immediately – applications will be accepted on a first come first served basis until the squad is full.

Registration is done online, and is different for existing members and new members ...

  • Existing members: Click on the “Members” button and enter the Username and Password you used last year (or follow the prompts to be reminded of these). This will take you to your personal Dashboard, showing Profiles for the child(ren) that you registered last year. To re-register each one for 2019 it’s just a few clicks. To register an additional child, use the “Add Family” button. Please don’t register yourself or your child from scratch as a new member if you were registered last year as this causes duplication of memberships.
  • New members: Click on the “Members” button then “New member?” and follow the instructions.

Subscriptions in 2019 are as follows: £120 for U15-U9 boys (£100 with younger sibling discount), £90 for U8 boys (£80 with discount), and £80 for U7 boys, all girls and Minis (£70 with discount). These rates include all matches and Friday evening training sessions. Subscriptions for U16s are £70, as summer Friday evening training sessions are not included.